About Us

The main office of Extreme Shooters, LLC is located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.   We specialize in 2011 model STI International pistol grips.  That is it. Just one thing!  And now we are the best in the world!  We started in the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) world of competitive shooting.  We don't just sell our products, we use   our  products everyday on and off the range.   

    Many of our products are USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) related since that is the game we play but our grips are used for many other applications!   Our CEO Jason Kleefisch has achieved Master level status in USPSA.  Jason spent a couple years obtaining a B class shooter level. As he got use to his gear, he began making modifications.  Having smaller hands, he developed his first undercut grip that greatly improved his control and performance.  Jason then went from B class to Master in a short year and realized that this type of grip could help a lot of people improve their control on or off the range.  Further development has shaped our grip to what it is today.  We now have several professional marksmen enjoying the benefits of an "Extreme" grip and well as having our grip come STOCK on many STI International products like the DVC Open!

     Today, ExtremeShooters.com, is a global business with customers across the world.  Our products are carried at major retailers like DawsonPrecision.com, SpeedShooters.com, ShootersConnection.com and Midway.com   Thank you for visiting our site!

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